Wednesday, 6 December 2017

From Nothing to Something

This is what came to me on how reality can be 'summed up' as I walked in my park this morning.

In the beginning, there was nothing, then after awhile, nothing got bored, and so it became Something! 

This was the beginning of creation as some people would call it.

Then, Something got lonely, being faced with this existential question of how it could be all there is, when it simply was not even anything before.

And so, It split.  This divine sole Consciousness became many, so that it might experience itself in its many different forms, and so the painful existential question would not haunt It anymore, and so It would feel Love.

And so, since everything and everybody that exists, has existed, and will exist are all a part of this original One consciousness, everything and every person's life follows the same progression from 'nothing' to 'something'.

What is 'nothing', and what is 'something'?  I guess, it depends on one's perspective...

However, it is generally agreed by the 'light' side of things (as opposed to the 'dark' side), that progression into 'something' infers that 'something' is of spiritual matters ~ becoming more loving, and realizing more and more than one is a part of the whole, and is connected to everything and everyone else.

But darkness and nothingness still and will always have a role to play in this cosmic drama, for without 'nothing', we would never know the contrast, delight, and beauty of Something.