Friday, 29 September 2017

Time for Reflection

Hi there, it's been awhile.

Ever seem to think you are certain of which direction you must go in, or which love interest is 'the One'?  Well, this is where I have realized I have been the last year and a bit.  I guess these 'certainties' gave me motivation and drive, but it also was the instigator for a massive financial debt and heartbreak.  What I am trying to say is that PRIDE is not always a good thing.  Really, balance in one's life, using ALL of the faculties of one's being (critically thinking, listening to one's heart, being humble, etc.) is the way to go, and not living in a fantasy world.

I guess that's it (figuring this situation out as I write).  Living in a fantasy world ~ something I've done most of my life.  Not anymore.

If you want your reality to be a fantastic dream, you better not spend all of your time (and money) in that fantastic dream, but WORK to make that dream a reality.

I'm getting there.