Saturday, 7 April 2012

The Human Condition Part I

What is it?  Something that characterizes and defines humanity's existence, what we ponder, what we do, what we hate, and what we love.  In fact, I think this is what the universe(s) is all about.  Or, at least as far as how much we can see from our current perspective here on earth.  I think this, because I look at all that we know about the universe so far, and I don't see anything more spectacular or interesting than life and love in it.  Could this be what 'reality' is all about ~ awareness?  Not that I don't think 'lesser' life-forms have some form of this awareness, or even 'inanimate' objects such as rocks and seas, but that in sentient beings like ourselves, the question of existence is forthrightly put forth.  Why?  The only answer/scenario I can imagine is that 'in the beginning' there was nothing, after a while, nothing got extremely boring, so out of nothing, came something.  As in the Jewish tradition, Yaweh, or the 'great I AM'.  Nothingness asked, "why?"  Something answered, "why not?"  If this was the case, what did/does this entail?