Sunday, 11 September 2011

Because We are God

Because We are God
I am not afraid to die
Though this ego identity may cease to exist when this body dies
Consciousness which comes from the same single source that all consciousness comes from
Will never die

Because We are God
I have compassion, respect, honor and love for all faces of God
All forms of life, all people, how 'good' or 'bad'
Including myself

Because We are God
Is what I believe those like Jesus
Were really trying to say

Because We are God
Life has meaning
I know what Love is

Because We are God
We trudge, step by step
This daily path of sorrow and troubles, joy and insight
Always as we are

Feel free to add to this your 'Because We are God' thoughts. Email me them at If they are in the same spirit, I will post them within this blog.  I will too from time to time as inspired.  Comments are welcome too.


  1. What matters most is what people do with their wisdom and knowledge. I think too many people (including myself) get carried away by the words we say and write. We think that all our issues will just disappear at the sound of certain magical words better known as platitudes. We don't understand that in order to make those words sincere, we have to be accountable for our choices. A certain amount of responsibility is carrie in those words.

    Now, I'm about to write something potentially blasphemous to many, but I don't think Jesus was born "a good man". I think he had to struggle - like we all do - with his conscience, and on a daily basis. But how he behaved was the result of a thought process in which he continually unraveled his human ego. He learned to see, understand, and have compassion for the perspectives and experiences of others, even though some of them were his enemies. That's being responsible and validating the words he spoke. But, perhaps, he wasn't always consistently 'pure' in his thoughts, and human like the rest of us.

    We can convince the world however much we like that we are genuinely 'good' people and that we 'care' about the world, but in a single moment of disruption or dispute, that peace-loving exterior could witness its own '9/11' and have the planes of human greed crash through, exploding into smithereens that carefully-crafted (mostly in words, that's why I use "crafted") illusion we made for mass consumption. In modern parlance, if the illusion works to convince people of our Jesus-like aura and they look at us with eyes of wonder and admiration, that's called "good PR".